The cornerstone of the internet of tomorrow

Our ambition is to establish a decentralized communication protocol as a cornerstone of the internet of tomorrow. We aim to empower web3 developers to bring about unstoppable peer-to-peer communication to billions of devices.

We are driven by a mission to empower humanity with the power of unrestricted communication, free from the limitations of centralized infrastructure and censorship.

Our open-source approach promotes contributions and transparency, allowing anyone to take part in our pursuit of uncompromised communication.

Crossing the chasm

Wesh Network is poised to become a key component of the alternate Internet, powering numerous decentralized systems such as blockchains, messaging apps, dApps, and social tools. As such, our toolkit will become a fundamental component of the web3 builder's workshop.

Through collaborations and integrations with other related projects that follow a decentralized approach, our protocol will reach new heights of capability and performance. We've partnered with governments, innovators in the web3 space, and military forces who plan to implement Wesh Protocol to build secure and robust communication tools for extreme contexts.

The Wesh Network protocol is designed to offer unparalleled resilience coupled with interoperability, security, and modularity. Humanity deserves access to free, reliable and censorship-resistant communication. Berty is building the Wesh Network to fulfill this mission and become the foundation of unstoppable communication for the Internet's next era.

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