Async mesh network protocol

With Wesh's toolkit, building p2p apps has never been simpler

Wesh network is a decentralized extreme communication protocol

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Safe and Secure

Wesh provides a secured, distributed and asynchronous communication protocol, both with or without internet access using IPFS and direct transports such as BLE and proximity drivers.

Wesh Protocol provides end-to-end encryption and perfect forward secrecy for all the exchanged messages


Wesh's p2p toolkit has you covered


Distributed p2p transmissions and hosting over IPFS powered by CRDT algorithm


Efficient end-to-end encryption and perfect forward secrecy to prevent eavesdropping and provide reliable identity access management


Powered by Go, and Operable on iOS and Android devices

Wesh = Flexible + Future proof + Free

Focus on buildling, we handle the peer-to-peer

Identity management

Distributed authentication and authorisation. Multiple devices per identity


Resilient p2p transmissions between groups of mutually-authorised users

Offline communication

Offline peer to peer communication over Bluetooth Low Energy

RDV servers

Improved performance and availability with decentralised rendez-vous servers

Why power your product with a Web3 protocol ?

PrivacyWeakened by central management of identitiesStrengthened by users managing their own identity
SecurityDependent on central authoritiesDependent on mathematical properties of distributed algorithms
RoutingMessages may never arrive due to single points of failureMessages will eventually arrive if a viable route exists

Why Wesh is for you?


With the power of decentralisation, be confident your service cannot be taken down or censored

Designed for builders

Get started in a heartbeat. Download our repo and read our documentation to get onboarded


Open source project that brings free to use tools with 4+ years of research & development to the public

Find your use case


Just like berty messenger, develop your own private p2p messaging mobile applications

Offline communication

When the internet is down, your application can thrive


Build the dating app that doesn’t stalk its users


Make your users truly own the whiteboard they collaborate on


Ignite IoT networks that can share information such as air quality when traditional connectivity fails


Create reliable communication channels with third parties in remote locations

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